Tacoma Housing Authority (THA)

902 South L Street, Tacoma, WA, 98405

Pierce County

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Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) will accept applications for its low-income housing programs for 12 days, accepting applications from 8 a.m. Monday, Oct. 7 to 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 18.&nbs
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About Tacoma Housing Authority (THA)

The Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) is to provide high quality housing and supportive services to persons and families in need. We seek to do this in ways that gets two other things done. First, we want the households we serve to succeed not just as tenants but as "parents, students, wage earners and builders of assets." If they are capable of working, we want people's time on our programs to be transforming, and temporary. Second, we want to help Tacoma develop and to help ensure that when it does develop it has room for all types of households. We also seek to do our part in making its neighborhoods attractive places to live, work, attend school, shop, and play, and for Tacoma to be "safe, vibrant, prosperous, attractive and just." Our status as a public development authority helps us do this. We do this work in five main ways.

First, THA develops housing and real estate. THA, by what it builds and how it builds, seeks to create and promote communities that serve a range of needs and that are financially sustainable, environmentally innovative, and attractive.

Second, THA owns and manages affordable apartments and homes that we offer for rent. We seek to maintain our properties so they are attractive and enjoyable places to live and assets for their neighborhoods.

Third, we help people pay their rent for apartments or homes that they lease from private landlords. Our Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) and our Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) are our main programs for this type of help. We do this in partnership with thousands of landlords in our community.

Fourth, we have programs that help families purchase their first home.

Fifth, THA also provides or arranges for supportive services. We do this for people who need help to succeed as tenants. Elderly or disabled persons, for example, may need help to live on their own. Families coming from homelessness or fleeing domestic violence may need help to stabilize. Moreover, we also want to help people who can work to prosper. In this way, we want our housing to be a transforming experience for them. Services make this success more likely.

In these ways, and others, THA seeks to serve its communities. We are a staff of about 115 people. We coordinate our efforts with many partners, both public and private. We believe this work is important to the people and communities we serve. We try to do it efficiently and effectively. I invite you to learn more about us and our work. I hope this web site will help you do that.

Mission Statement

THA provides high quality, stable and sustainable housing and supportive services to people in need. It does this in ways that help them prosper and help our communities become safe, vibrant, prosperous, attractive and just.

THA envisions a future where everyone has an affordable, safe and nurturing home, where neighborhoods are attractive places to live, work, attend school, shop and play, and where everyone has the support they need to succeed as parents, students, wage earners and neighbors.

Program Summary for Tacoma Housing Authority (THA)

Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) is a public housing agency that helps provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) manages several funded programs and has a total of 886 subsidized affordable housing units for rental assistance. Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) administered a total of 4,114 Section 8 Vouchers. Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) currently has low rent units and Section 8 Voucher as its program type. Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) is located at 902 South L Street, Tacoma, WA, 98405 and serves the city of Tacoma. Income limits, fair market rents and rent rates vary with each agency. Please contact Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) at, (253)207-4400 for more information about coverage area and program availability.

Current Status Active
Size of Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) compared nationally Large
Last Updated 04/12/2014
Total Numbers of Communities 18
Total numbers of Administered Section 8 Voucher 4,114
Total numbers of Administered Public Housing Units 886
Waiting list for the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) is currently Open

2017 Income Limits for Pierce County, WA

HUD sets Income Limits for each area based on the median family income in that area. Each Public Housing Agency (PHA) will use the Income Limit set for the jurisdiction that the PHA covers. Therefore, a family may be eligible for one PHA but not another. The number of people in a household determines the Income Limit that is set for determining the family's eligibility for the program that they are applying for. Below are the Income Limits for Pierce County, WA:

Median Income
Income Limit Category
Persons in Family
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 50%
  • Very Low Income Limit
  • $25,350
  • $28,950
  • $32,550
  • $36,150
  • $39,050
  • $41,950
  • $44,850
  • $47,750
  • 30%
  • Extremely Low Income Limit
  • $15,200
  • $17,400
  • $20,160
  • $24,300
  • $28,440
  • $32,580
  • $36,730
  • $40,890
  • 80%
  • Low Income Limit
  • $40,500
  • $46,300
  • $52,100
  • $57,850
  • $62,500
  • $67,150
  • $71,750
  • $76,400

2017 Fair Market Rents for Pierce County, WA

Fair Market Rents are HUD's determination of the average rents in a particular area for each bedroom size. The FMRs are set each year based on the rental rates of unsubsidized units so that participants in HUD programs have equal access for affordable housing. Here are the Fair Market Rents for Pierce County, WA:

Efficiency One-Bedroom Two-Bedroom Three-Bedroom Four-Bedroom
$766 $885 $1142 $1662 $2012

Agency Name City State Section 8 Voucher Housing Units Status Distance
Pierce County Housing Authority (PCHA) Pierce County Housing Authority (PCHA) Tacoma WA 2,784 127 Open 6.73 Miles Contact
King County Housing Authority (KCHA) King County Housing Authority (KCHA) Seattle WA 9,167 2,397 Open 16.47 Miles Contact
Renton Housing Authority (RHA) Renton Housing Authority (RHA) Renton WA 415 222 Open 21.3 Miles Contact
Housing Kitsap Housing Kitsap Bremerton WA 374 136 Open 23.08 Miles Contact
Housing Authority of Thurston County Housing Authority of Thurston County Olympia WA 2,089 N/A Open 25.16 Miles Contact
Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) Bremerton WA 1,798 295 Open 25.36 Miles Contact

Housing Authority

Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) Program Type:
  • Section 8 Voucher
  • Low Rent Units
Total Subsidized Units for Rental Assistance Availability

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Pierce County Quick Facts

Population: 831,928
Persons Per Household: 2.62
Housing Units in Multi-units Structure: 24.2%
Homeownership Rate: 61.5%
Housing Units: 329,555
Yearly Income Per Person: $28,223
Median Household Income: $59,204