Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA)

605 10th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29578
(843) 918-1525

Horry County

Section 8 Voucher Wait List   Open
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  • Ending: Feb 11, 2019
    Mon 09:00 AM


The Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach is accepting applications for the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) waiting list from February 11th at 9 AM until February 12th at 5 PM (EST).To apply,
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Public Housing Wait List   Closed
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About Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA)

The Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) began in 1986. Currently MBHA administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV), a Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS), a Homeownership Program, and homeless programs such as Continuum of Care — Supportive Housing Programs. MBHA has 54 project based HCV vouchers for homeless families at Alliance Inn.

Additional Information

As of early 2019, the HCV / Section 8 Waiting List is closed. MBHA will publish a public notice in the local newspaper and on their website http://mbhaonline.org/ when the waiting list lottery is opened. When the list is open, the waiting list lottery will be online.

Mission Statement

The Mission of MBHA is to assist low-income families with decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing opportunities as they strive to achieve Self-Sufficiency and improve the quality of their lives. MBHA creates and maintains partnerships with its clients, landlords and community agencies in order to accomplish this mission.

Program Summary for Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA)

Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) is a public housing agency that helps provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) manages several funded programs and has a total of 60 subsidized affordable housing units for rental assistance. Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) administered a total of 819 Section 8 Vouchers. Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) currently has Section 8 as its program type. Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) is located at 605 10th Ave. North, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29578 and serves the city of Myrtle Beach. Income limits, fair market rents and rent rates vary with each agency. Please contact Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) at, (843) 918-1525 for more information about coverage area and program availability.

Current Status Active
Size of Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) compared nationally Large
Last Updated 04/12/2014
Total Numbers of Communities N/A
Total numbers of Administered Section 8 Voucher 819
Total numbers of Administered Public Housing Units N/A
Waiting list for the Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) is currently Closed

2018 Income Limits for Horry County, SC

HUD sets Income Limits for each area based on the median family income in that area. Each Public Housing Agency (PHA) will use the Income Limit set for the jurisdiction that the PHA covers. Therefore, a family may be eligible for one PHA but not another. The number of people in a household determines the Income Limit that is set for determining the family's eligibility for the program that they are applying for. Below are the Income Limits for Horry County, SC:

Median Income
Income Limit Category
Persons in Family
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 50%
  • Very Low Income Limit
  • $17,850
  • $20,400
  • $22,950
  • $25,450
  • $27,500
  • $29,550
  • $31,600
  • $33,600
  • 30%
  • Extremely Low Income Limit
  • $11,880
  • $16,020
  • $20,160
  • $24,300
  • $27,500
  • $29,550
  • $31,600
  • $33,600
  • 80%
  • Low Income Limit
  • $28,500
  • $32,600
  • $36,650
  • $40,700
  • $44,000
  • $47,250
  • $50,500
  • $53,750

2017 Fair Market Rents for Horry County, SC

Fair Market Rents are HUD's determination of the average rents in a particular area for each bedroom size. The FMRs are set each year based on the rental rates of unsubsidized units so that participants in HUD programs have equal access for affordable housing. Here are the Fair Market Rents for Horry County, SC:

Efficiency One-Bedroom Two-Bedroom Three-Bedroom Four-Bedroom
$727 $754 $880 $1172 $1345

Agency Name City State Section 8 Voucher Housing Units Status Distance
Atlantic Beach Atlantic Beach North Myrtle Beach SC N/A N/A Open 12.08 Miles Contact
Housing Authority of Conway (HAC) Housing Authority of Conway (HAC) Conway SC 534 N/A Open 14.48 Miles Contact
Georgetown Housing Authority Georgetown Housing Authority Georgetown SC 48 N/A Open 32.03 Miles Contact
Mullins Mullins Mullins SC 60 194 Open 41.82 Miles Contact
Marion Housing Authority Marion Housing Authority Marion SC 80 N/A Open 44.49 Miles Contact
Whiteville Housing Authority Whiteville Housing Authority Whiteville NC N/A N/A Open 44.99 Miles Contact

Housing Authority

Housing Authority of Myrtle Beach (MBHA) Program Type:
  • Section 8 Voucher
Total Subsidized Units for Rental Assistance Availability

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Horry County Quick Facts

Population: 298,832
Persons Per Household: 2.42
Housing Units in Multi-units Structure: 36.7%
Homeownership Rate: 69.5%
Housing Units: 189,517
Yearly Income Per Person: $24,002
Median Household Income: $42,431